The peanut butter gang was founded when seven people gathered in 1990 to make sandwiches to assist Pentecostal Minister Sister Celeste feed 600 homeless people on the street outside the NY Port Authority Building. Other people discovered what we were doing and established groups and joined in to help by making sandwiches and wash up kits. Today there are over 20 peanut butter gangs of making an average of 15,000 sandwiches and 2,300 wash up kits every month. Volunteer drivers deliver these items weekly to twenty outreach centers on Long Island and New York City.​

The Hospitality Too Soup Kitchen was started in 1992. Volunteers from all walks of life work together to provide hot meals to an average gathering of 230 people every other Saturday starting at 9:30 AM.​

Every Saturday the Hospitality Too Food Pantry provides take home groceries to approximately 70 families. The groceries are the equivalent of 10 meals for each person which is roughly 2,500 meals per month.​

Our clothing team provides clothes (both new and used) to our guests every Saturday. As part of their work they also collect and give away toys which seems to make a big hit with our younger guests.​

Every Sunday a dedicated team provides meals and other key goods to about 50 people living in the woods in Huntington Station.​

Our harvesters travel to bakeries, supermarkets and other food purveyors to "harvest" breads, cakes, pies and other items throughout the week. This enables us to give out at least 1,000 bags of bread and cake to our guests every month.​

Every other Saturday our pet food group comes and provides cat and dog food to between 50 and 70 people.​

Sandwich and wash-up kit deliveries happen on both Saturday and Monday. Sandwiches and wash-up kits are continuously coming in from other groups and we store them and distribute them twice a week. These deliveries are across Long Island and including a delivery to Harlem in NYC. On average we deliver 40 – 50 boxes of sandwiches and 20 wash-up kits every week. The boxes of sandwiches average about 70 sandwiches per box and the wash-up kits contain 20-25 individual kits in each.​

On Saturday the teams arrive between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM and all the preparations begin. At 9:00 AM we begin our sandwich making activities (making hundreds of sandwiches in one hour). By 10:00 AM we wrap up the sandwich making and we move on to celebrating birthdays and preparing the room for our guests.​

We invite our guests to come in at 11:00 AM. At that time all the activities kick into high gear. Hot food is served, pantry goods are provided, clothing and breads and cakes become available and every other week pet food is distributed.​

The first mission package was sent in 1996 to Africa by boat. Our generous sponsors pay for the postage of the packages. Inside each package there is a letter with the names and addresses of the sponsors. The missionaries always send a thank you note to the sponsors and frequently send photos and other poignant stories. The packages are sent to Niger, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Philippine, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico & India. In 2017 we sent the 2000th mission package. All of which have been sent through the generosity of donations and postal sponsors.

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