Since we are operating with a skeleton crew we are asking all people that would normally volunteer with us to volunteer to help our wonderful partners; Long Island Cares and Island Harvest.  They always can find something for people to do to assist.  Please go to their websites and look up how to help.  They are obviously following all the social distancing rules so please be prepared and bring a mask and gloves to assist them.  


THANK YOU for considering to volunteer with us! We encourage people to come and volunteer to help our dear little organization make a difference in the world. We could not touch the lives of so many without you.

We welcome volunteers of all walks of life to come and help and hope that everyone that participates gets something wonderful from the experience of helping others.

While volunteering you will find that there are quite a few volunteers that have been coming for many years. These experienced volunteers are always available to help explain to objective of each activity and can help guide you during your time with us. Feel free to ask the more experienced volunteers how you can help.

If you have any questions in advance feel free to call Bob Fitzgerald (516-666-7131).

 Here are some guidelines to help you, help us help others:  

      1.    Please try to show up on time. Doors open at 8am. We finish at 1:00pm
      2.    All volunteers are welcome to come and help. While volunteering please be patient as, at times,
             we have more volunteers than expected and have trouble with orchestrating everything
      3.    Sign in sheet will be located on the stage. Please sign in when you arrive
      4.    Wear a hat or hairnet (we provide hairnets)
      5.    If you can, please bring a donation of peanut butter, jelly, plastic gloves, or sandwich bags
      6.    You will find time in between tasks to use your electronic devices. When we are very busy we
             would all appreciate you refrain from using them unless it is an emergency
      7.    We will try to find something interesting for you to do but at times we may ask you to help with
             something that wouldn’t be your first choice. Since all activities generally take less than 1 hour
             please help us complete the task
      8.    Feel free to jump in where you see the need, but also be aware and respectful of the established
             routines which are already in place
      9.    Make a new friend today introduce yourself to another volunteer or a guest
      10.  Smile & have fun!!!

The Soup Kitchen is open Saturday mornings from 8:00AM-1PM, in the basement of St. Anne’s RC Church in Brentwood.


All volunteers are welcome. Any group wishing to volunteer should callPeter Gordon for an appointment at 516-983- 5378. Please call M-F, 9AM-5PM only.

Our goal is to make the experience rewarding, fun and joyful for all the volunteers and the guests.

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