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    There will are obstacles that we encounter in trying to fulfill the call and purpose of our lives. God gives meaning to work; people should enjoy their labor, trusting God has a purpose for it.  I had plans to send packages in December after having a knee replacement in November. Companions Alba Juarez and her sister Ada worked with me on the October and November packages so that they could do the December packages when I would be unable to help them with the physical work. The packages are prepared in a factory owned by supporter Mike Goldin. The larger Philippine packages are put together in a room donated for this purpose by St Andrew Lutheran Church, Smithtown. Richard and Lyly Rockwell purchase most of the items sent in the packages. With all the time pressures of the Christmas season I told Alba and Ada that there was no pressure; the packages would be sent on God’s time. It makes no difference if we send fifteen packages or five. We remain faithful to our commitment in serving our Lord and neighbors in need. This is God’s ministry and is watched over it with a loving eye. His will be done. Kindly keep us and our labor in your prayers.

     Mission correspondence FR Pierre Samson, Philippines “Christmas is fast approaching and I don’t want to miss sending you a word of thanks to you and your group for the unending help you are extending to us, months after months. Recently again we received a box sent in August, and with so many kinds of medicine inside, our clinic is well equipped. And God knows that what you send sometimes arrives when we are in need of this or that particular items, like for example the lancets.”

                              Please visit www.hospitalitytoo.org to see the list of items that are needed for the mission packages..